Roxanne G

“As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.”


GIS background

As a GIS Professional, I was part of a large team in municipal government in a years long project to digitize 100 year old water and sewer drawings and create a GIS enabled website to serve up these drawings (essentially a graphical CMS). My role was to learn several department's contributions to the system and help everyone come together in agreement on how they would feed data into the new system.

Engineering & Programming

I completed a degree in Engineering and graduated Summa cum Laude even though Civil Engineering would not be my profession. But Engineering taught me to learn new skills quickly, especially anything CAD or Solids modeling related as well as programming. As a .NET programmer and SQL database administrator as well as a GIS Analyst in later phases of the GIS project, I mostly enjoyed interviewing the users to improve the experience. One of my main goals during my last few years, was to find a way to get the website out to the crews on the street. It makes sense that my career segued into Human Centered Design.


I took a turn into Education for a period of time. It was a passion project to help out a grassroots holistic learning school for young children. A person who could manage a classroom, think on her feet, incorporate creativity, and run classes for parents was a lovely turn for a number of years. While in Education, I facilitated physical environments for little ones to explore freely while being able to develop to their full physical and social potential. Ask me how UX Design and Early Childhood education are related!

UX/UI Design

I am very proficient in Figma, Sketch, Adobe Products and user testing. Learning new software is something I consider fun. I enjoy making hi-fi prototypes and performing and analyzing user testing. In all my professional circles I’m known for my reliability, organization and time management.


In my spare time I'm interested in tech, cycling, gardening, cosplay and crafting. While I am currently employed, full-time, I am open to short-term freelance projects in design or website creation.