Using My Powers for Good

I joined the Code for Philly Choose Native Plants team as a UX/UI Designer 

Code for Philly

We're part of a national alliance of community organizers, developers, and designers that are putting technology to work in service of our local communities.See the live site! at

Extensive Pollinator Data​

Based on Mark Skinner's USDA database.

Find Local Nurseries​

Not all Nurseries carry native plants. Find out which ones do.

Good For Novices

Good For Novices

Good for Experts

Know exactly what you want? Search for it by name.

Mobile or Desktop

Works on mobile, desktop or tablets. No apps to install.


From the site

temporary home page
I created the Coming Soon Page for the project at

I am on a team of three UX professionals. We began the project in March 2021 with an anticipated release date of March 2022. We all had our favorite niches to fill. I worked on a lot of the UI and high-fi prototyping.  I also set up Maze tests for usability testing.  

I designed the people page with hover animations to display bios


Design Artifacts

Four persona were created to encompass all the potential users of the site


Phase 1 is completed and launched May 2022. There was a respectable list for Phase 2 being kept while Phase 1 was ending. Phase 2 will begin in September 2022. 

Component from Figma
Created components to model the complex behavior of the filter design