Website creation puzzled this psychologist

A psychologist needed a custom web presence to attract clients


This client tried various ready-made templates and applications recommended for psychologists to use to make their own websites. But she was not satisfied and found the whole process a very poor user experience. Through a thorough client interview and three rounds of mockups, her website is now live and generating income. See the live site! at


SEO was including in the project cost. Tracking of website analytics, traffic, keyword analytics are ongoing. A contact form for clients to reach out for appointments is incorporated into the site. This form uses Captcha v3 and honeypot to avoid spam.


Webmail was set up for the client in the site domain. Users were given tools to access webmail either via a website or through their existing device apps. Users were stepped through the process as necessary. Clients receive responses within 24 hours.


All colors were tested for acceptable contrast ratios according to WCAG 2.1 standards. All typography sizes are in rem.

Resources Area

This client is a monthly maintenance customer who, for a fixed monthly rate, gets updates to her resources area and other tweaks to site as needed which do not constitute an overall design change.

Custom Images

This client was very particular about the images on the site. After many mockups, she settled on the "Corporate Art" style. I partially used a Figma Plug-in called "Storyset by Freepik" and manipulated and added to the images in order to create the art desired. These images are all vector and scale super-well for web design.

From the site


Telephone links initiate a phone call, address links connect to Google Maps with location centered, email links begin an email in a new tab. All pages use rem and em for accessibility and responsiveness. Attention to detail is key to my client’s success with her web presence. Overall, this site provides an excellent user expereince with little friction for potential clients to connect.