A Drone Entertainment Company

Four partners wanted to cater to bar mitzvahs, weddings and graduations as well as creative musicians and artists. A  web presence was required. 


Functionality required:
• Mobile responsive website
• Search engine optimization
• Sticky menu with the following options:
Home, About, Projects, Show Types, Pricing, Contact, Pay

Design was determined based on asking:
• What is the website feel/vibe you are thinking of?
• How do you want your company to stand out from the rest?
• What will set you apart?
• Will a logo/branding be required?
• How will you measure the success of this project?
• Whom do you envision as your clients?

The following artifacts were created :
• Personas
• Competitive Analysis
• Logo
• Mock-up
• Functioning WordPress Site

The site design has been retired but can be seen in screenshots below.


Personas, competitive analysis and a full design overview for aesthetics were completed for the first iteration. I cerated content using SEO principles.


Webmail was set up for the client and support was given to help him connect using all his devices. A contact forms was created and monitored for traffic.

Dev System

Coingate would be incorporated with the WooCommerce engine to accept payments in cryptocurrency. It was very important to all stakeholders that clients be able to pay both in regular currency and cryptocurrency. I created videos for all stakeholders to review functionality of the website and to incorporate any design changes.


From the site

Starry_night_projects 1
I phone with starry night on it

A mobile responsive website was created after 3 hours of meetings to establish functionality, measurements of success and a timeline.  The full design took 16 hours. 

Starry_night_work types 1


Design Artifacts

Artist persona
Artist persona
Justine Miller
Three persona were crafted to describe the clients' target audience and client base
Starry_night_contact 1


  • It is important to be able to take unstructured ideas and turn them into actionable items for clients
  • Maintaining communication with all stakeholders is a must 
  • Sometimes start-ups need to pivot fast and hard; buckle-up and embrace the chaos
Sent to Client2x
Logos were sketched and finished in Figma, then sent to client for review
Competitive Analysis
Competitive Analysis was completed. Gave clients something to really ponder before proceeding