How to properly wash your woolen knits

A Waldorf Homeschooling Cooperative in the woods needed a web presence


Client provided a flyer that was being used to promote the cooperative. This was used as the inspiration for the style guide. The mood of the site was soft edges and joyous colors to augment the Waldorf philosophy of protection of childhood. See the live site! at


SEO was a large part of the project. Content was created based on conversations with client. Headings and subheadings were chosen with care. Tracking of website analytics, traffic, keyword analytics are ongoing. Connection to VENMO for donations was included in design.


Webmail was set up for the board and co founders in the site domain. Users were given tools to access webmail either via a website or through their existing device apps. Users were stepped through the process as necessary. Clients receive responses within 24 hours.

Dev System

A method for the Homeschool co-founders was developed to allow them to update copy content and images. A gallery was created for them to add to which shows items they would like donated and links to find them


From the site

An editable schedule was created for the main page.  The gifts page has both a CTA and a scan code for donating to the cooperative’s VENMO account.  The page is responsive in that the code does not appear when viewed on a phone. A page for displaying current newsletters and an archive directory was also created. The image of the newsletter is a CTA to launch the PDF.  The client creates these PDFs periodically.