Roxanne G

UX Designer, UI Prototyper, Web Designer


2021 - Present

UX\UI Designer at Assetworks, LLC

Learn complex workflows for two high level asset management programs and create new mobile responsive interfaces for them. Create hi-fi interactive prototypes for meetings with engineers and Subject Matter Experts for approval. Instrumental in moving the company to Figma.

2019- Present

Freelance Web Designer

Using my skills to help important people in my life and those striving to make a better society.  Projects include: Sungate Homeschool and Starry Knight Robots

March 2021 - Present

Code for Philly UX Designer

I am currently on the Choose Native Plants project as gardening and civic hacking are near and dear to my heart.


Early Childhood Educator

Ask me how UX Design and Early Childhood Education are the same

1999 - 2007

(Geographic Information Systems)
Professional at Philly Water Dept.

Worked on a years long project to create and support a multi-million dollar Graphical CMS for Water, Sewer and High Pressure Fire System engineering documents

I am very proficient in Figma, Sketch, Adobe Products and user testing. Learning new software is something I consider fun. I enjoy making hi-fi prototypes and performing and analyzing user testing. In all my professional circles I’m known for my reliability, organization and time management. I keep it light with my coworkers and aim for positivity and optimism in all interactions.



YOAST SEO Training

Roxanne G successfully completed the SEO for beginners course!

UI Continuing Education with MDS


UI & UX Course- Thinkful, a Chegg company


Level 1 and Level 2 ECE in Waldorf Pedagogy from Sophia's Hearth, Keene, NH USA


MSE and BSE in Engineering from Temple University, Philadelphia, PA USA


Figma 92%
Prototyping and Variants 92%
User Testing 80%
Adobe XD 61%
Elementor 90%
Word Press 70%
SEO 85%
After Effects 62%
Html & CSS 40%