Drones, Robots and Crypto. Oh My!

A local entrepreneur with a building trades background who loves crypto and has drones, wants a web presence. 


Client wanted to pivot from his original need, for a drone entertainment web presence, after I completed a mockup and a competitive analysis for him and his partners. This project is that redesign for a drone company that focuses on building trades, support for real estate firms and surveillance. See the live site! at https://starryknightrobots.us/


Personas, competitive analysis and a full design overview for aesthetics were completed for the first iteration. During that iteration I had documented what the client liked about those drone sites that did not cater to the entertainment industry but were used for more utilitarian purposes. When time came for the pivot, I was instructed to "Make it so!" I went back into my design artifacts and redesigned the site for the new purpose. I also wrote the content to hit SEO marks.


Webmail was set up for the client and support was given to help him connect using all his devices.

Booking System

Booking was integrated into the site to allow clients to book two-hour slots of time for drone video and photography.


From the site

custom icons
custom icons

A mobile responsive re design was created in 8 hours.  The icons on the flip boards are custom designed by me.